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How to Choose the Best Long Distance Moving Services Baltimore

If you’re planning an interstate move from or to Maryland soon, you’re probably on the lookout for the best long distance moving services Baltimore. Luckily, you won’t have to look too far – we’re here to teach you how to pick the best full service long distance movers, avoid scams, and have a stress-free relocation with one of the best full service long distance moving companies.

What Is a Long Distance Move?

Are you still not sure whether you should be looking for full service long distance moving or local moving services? Although some moving companies have their own methods of discerning between the two, in general, anything that involves relocating to another state is considered a long-distance move. On the other hand, a move that doesn’t involve crossing any state borders is considered an intrastate or local move.

What is a long distance move and how to pick the best companyHow to Find the Best Long Distance Moving Services Baltimore

Now that you’re certain you need long distance moving services Baltimore, rather than local services, it’s time to start searching. Although the relocation industry in the U.S. is riddled with scammers, there are a few ways you can ensure to weed the bad guys out and pick only the best full service long distance moving companies.

Ask Around for Recommendations and Browse Reviews

Do you know anybody who has used long distance moving services recently? Ask your friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations. Even if they haven’t had a positive experience, they can let you know which companies to steer clear of.

Another way to look for recommendations is online. Review websites such as Yelp can be a great source of information when you need help choosing a service provider. However, make sure you know how to recognize fake reviews.

Full Service Long Distance Moving Companies Have to Be Licensed

Best full service long distance moving companies in Baltimore MarylandChecking the licenses of a moving company you’re considering is the first step to protecting yourself from scammers. Every trustworthy relocation company should have their USDOT number clearly shown on their website. If you can’t find one, that is a clear sign you should stay away from that company.

On the other hand, if the mover has a USDOT number, you can run it through the FMCSA database and access the company’s history of complaints, safety rating, and other information that will help you, a prospective customer, make the right decision.

Decide Which Services You Need – Long Distance Moving Services Baltimore

The best full service long distance movers offer an array of services designed to cover the whole move. It is up to the customers to pick and choose which of those services they would like to book in accordance with their needs and budget. Your options will likely include the following.

Basic Moving Service

The basic moving service usually involves the loading, transport, and unloading of your household or office belongings. It also includes the use of a professional moving truck and physical labor. The best full service long distance movers also include in this service:

  • The disassembling and reassembling of furniture;
  • The wrapping and protecting of furniture pieces and large appliances;
  • Basic packing supplies and equipment.

Additional Packing Services – Long Distance Moving Services Baltimore

Packing is notorious for being the most tedious and time-consuming part of the moving process. That is why the best long distance moving services Baltimore also include optional additional packing solutions. For an additional fee, you can have professionals pack your belongings, making sure nothing gets damaged or broken in the process.

Car Shipping Services

Sure, you could drive cross country to your destination. But then you would also have to worry about preparing your car for the road, planning the itinerary, assigning a budget for gas and accommodation along the way, and so on. Alternatively, you could turn to a full service long distance moving company and have them ship the car to your new address.

Storage Units

Planning a cross country move is difficult, and coming up with the perfect schedule is borderline impossible. For example, your new home might not be move-in ready by the time you get there, leaving you stuck with all your household belongings lying on the curb. That is why the best full service long distance moving companies also offer storage rentals to their clients, often at discounted prices.

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Gather and Compare Quotes for Long Distance Moving Services Baltimore

By now, you should have gathered a list of the best full service long distance moving companies that are licensed, have positive reviews, and offer the services you need. It’s time to contact these companies and request quotes. This will give you a better idea of how much money you should set aside and choose an option that fits your budget.

Word of advice: even though it can be tempting to hire the company that offers the lowest quote, you should be wary of unreasonably low estimates. This is a dirty tactic some companies use to attract clients and then ambush them with hidden costs once they already have their stuff. Going for the companies with estimates closer to the average is a much safer option.

But the quote you receive is not the only thing to watch out for. You should also pay attention to what information the company representatives are asking for. The more information they have, the more precise the estimate will be. In other words, a company that asks you for your move-in and moveout dates, your current location and destination, and a list of your household belongings will be able to offer a more reliable estimate than one that only cares about the dates and location.

Have You Found the Best Full Service Long Distance Movers in Baltimore?

Now that you’ve compared the quotes by your top picks among movers in Baltimore, it’s time to pick the company that will help you move cross country. With the right long distance moving services, Baltimore, MD, your relocation will be efficient and stress-free. Contact Braveheart Movers today for more information.