Moving in with significant other: Tips for sharing the work

Moving in with a significant other can be an exciting time. You’re finally starting your lives together, sharing everything from pots and pans to bathrooms. Moving in with a significant other can also be a great time for bonding. You’re putting your home together and setting up how you’ll live.

This Valentine’s Day, we at Brave Heart Movers want to help couples moving in together handle the stress and chaos that can come with a move. From last-minute packing to uncooperative weather, you and your significant other need to be prepared for anything – and still willing to speak to each other if things don’t go as planned.

If you’re moving in with a significant other, check out these easy tips to make the process smooth and even a little fun.

Divide the work

No one can do all the work by themselves. You’re moving for two now, which means two times as much stuff. Although you may only need to move one couch or one kitchen table, you still have twice as much clothing and personal items to move.

You and your significant other both have hectic schedules, and there’s no way that one of you could – or should – handle the entire move. You need to work together to divide the work that needs to be done and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

For example, you might agree that you should both pack your own personal items, but one of you might pack the living room and the other might pack the kitchen. You might handle calling a Baltimore moving company, and your significant other might get the moving supplies such as boxes and packing tape.

Splitting up the work will make it less stressful for you both.Neither of you will feel like you’re doing everything, and you’ll both feel less resentment towards each other.

Make a date night out of it

Packing doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, you and your significant other can plan a date night and do most, if not all, the packing in just one night.

Make a playlist of all your favorite songs – especially ones that make you want to dance and be active – and play it as you pack. Since you’ll be packing plates, pots and silverware away, you won’t want to make a huge meal yourselves, so take the chance to order out. Order from your favorite Chinese place or get your favorite carry-out pizza. You’ll have an easy clean-up, and you won’t have to use the dishes and silverware you’re packing away.

Packing together will be a bonding experience. The two of you can get excited for your big move and talk about how you’ll decorate your new home.

Ask for help when needed

For some couples, packing and moving without help just isn’t doable. Your schedules don’t match up, and you don’t know when you’ll have time to pack everything. That’s okay.

If you need help, don’t be afraid to hire a Baltimore moving company to do the hard work for you. A good Baltimore moving company will do all of your packing for you, and the Baltimore movers will have all the equipment to move your belongings from place to place.

For some couples, their belongings are split between two apartments. If you hire Baltimore movers, they’ll go to both residences and pick up boxes from both locations. All you’ll have to worry about is getting the keys from your new landlord.

Remember, this should be a fun, exciting time for you and your significant other. Avoid unnecessary hassles and potential fights by hiring reputable Baltimore movers to take care of it all.