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Packing and moving service for an entire house or business is a lot of work. You might not have time to properly pack your items, which means they will be more fragile. Don’t ruin your treasured or expensive belongings because you are a busy person — you can take advantage of our quality packing services!

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We use top-rated moving materials and supplies. Your commercial equipment, residential appliances, large furniture, clothing, and valuable keepsakes will all be packed and moved properly. As a fully insured and licensed company, you will sleep soundly at night knowing your items are protected.

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Packing and Moving Service: What Not to Pack When Moving

Packing can seem like the most daunting part of moving. It requires emptying every drawer, kitchen cabinet and closet – some of which you might not have touched since you moved in. Instead of thinking about what you have to pack, why not focus on what not to pack?

Need some help? Here are a few tips on what not to pack when moving.

Daily Use Items

Before you really begin packing, the first thing to do is pack a bag as if you were carrying it on a plane for a short vacation.

Perishable Food and Plants

Although you may think that you’re not moving very far, there’s no real way to tell if your produce and other perishables will make the move. If you’re doing a long-distance move, then you definitely don’t want to pack perishable foods or plants.

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Packing & Moving Service: Perfect Packing Tips

When you’re packing the kitchen or bathroom, you know what you’re getting into. With your living room, the packing game is a little different. Your living room houses all different types of belongings from TVs to lamps to knickknacks to books.

The question is this: how do you fit them all into orderly boxes? Though keeping order when packing your living room can be difficult, you favorite Maryland movers are here to help.

Pull out old boxes

Do you still have the box your TV came in? How about the stereo’s original box? If you have old boxes for any big electronics, take them out and use them. You can wrap those items in bubble wrap for extra cushion.

Have plenty of boxes

It’s hard to have just the right box for every item in your house. Lampshades, for example, can be harder to pack because of their shape.

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packing & moving kitchen

Perfect Packing and Moving Plans: Kitchen

Out of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen may be the hardest room to pack. From appliances to delicate dishes to the odds and ends found in your drawers, it’s hard to keep everything neatly organized – especially when you’re just days from your move.

The kitchen is also one of the rooms that is hardest to pack in advance. You need pots and pans for everyday cooking, and your family won’t want to eat off the floor.

Stock up on boxes and materials

The last thing you want is a box of broken dishes, but when you have too few boxes and too much consolidation, that’s usually what you end up with. Boxes shuffle in the moving process, and if you have breakables in with hard pots and pans, there’s a chance the pots and pans could smash some of your dishes in the move.

Don’t overpack dishes

When moving, accidents happen. Your Maryland moving company will usually have insurance options for you should anything actually break, but when packing your kitchen, you want to avoid that if possible.

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