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Perfect Packing Plans: Kitchen​

Out of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen may be the hardest room to pack. From appliances to delicate dishes to the odds and ends found in your drawers, it’s hard to keep everything neatly organized – especially when you’re just days from your move.

The kitchen is also one of the rooms that is hardest to pack in advance. You need pots and pans for everyday cooking, and your family won’t want to eat off the floor.

Need some helping packing your kitchen? Check out these quick tips and make your packing job a breeze for you and your Maryland moving company.

Stock up on boxes and materials

The last thing you want is a box of broken dishes, but when you have too few boxes and too much consolidation, that’s usually what you end up with. Boxes shuffle in the moving process, and if you have breakables in with hard pots and pans, there’s a chance the pots and pans could smash some of your dishes in the move.

Avoid this by stocking up on boxes and packing materials in advance. Ask your office for as many boxes as they have, and if they don’t have enough, contact your Maryland moving company. They’ll be able to provide you with all the boxes you need.

If you get a daily newspaper or order items online that come with tissue paper or other packing materials, save them. You can reuse them to pack your kitchen.

Use what’s left in your pantry

Do you have a box of Hamburger Helper that’s been sitting in your pantry for months? Now is the time to use it.

Food can take up so many boxes, so in the weeks before the move, start planning out meals based on what you need to use up in your pantry. Avoid buying things like flour, powdered sugar and other baking products you won’t use right away. Get through what you already have so you don’t have to move it.

Pack appliances smartly

If you still have your toaster or blender’s original box, use that to pack the appliance. Before you pack anything away, clean it first and remove any small screws or pieces that may fall off. Use little baggies to pack these pieces away. Your Maryland movers won’t worry about losing small pieces when they go to move your boxes.

Try to wrap appliances in bubble wrap or twice in newspaper to protect it. If there’s still space in the box once you pack the appliance, place small, non-breakable items on top. Pizza cutters, plastic measuring cups and possible baking sheets can go onto or along the side.

Don’t overpack dishes

When moving, accidents happen. Your Maryland moving company will usually have insurance options for you should anything actually break, but when packing your kitchen, you want to avoid that if possible.

Dishes can get heavy fast – especially when they’re all in the same box. Do not overload those boxes. The packing tape could give out, and when someone goes to pick up the box, the bottom might break open, sending your dishes crashing to the floor.

Remember to wrap all of your breakable dishes and spread them out between boxes. If possible, pack dish towels, rags and other dishcloths between plates and cups to further cushion the dishes. Your Maryland movers will thank you.

Pack what you don’t use daily in advance

C’mon, do you really need to use that panini maker this week?

Just get ahead of the game and pack what you don’t use daily in advance. This will make crunch time much easier.

Packing your kitchen doesn’t have to be a chore. Follow these tips and you and your Maryland movers will pack your kitchen with time to spare.