Perfect Packing Tips: The Living Room

When you’re packing the kitchen or bathroom, you know what you’re getting into. With your living room, the packing game is a little different. Your living room houses all different types of belongings from TVs to lamps to knickknacks to books.

The question is this: how do you fit them all into orderly boxes? Though keeping order when packing your living room can be difficult, you favorite Maryland movers are here to help.

This month, we’ll show you how to easily pack your living room and make moving just a bit easier for you and your Maryland moving company.

Pull out old boxes

Do you still have the box your TV came in? How about the stereo’s original box? If you have old boxes for any big electronics, take them out and use them. You can wrap those items in bubble wrap for extra cushion.

Have plenty of boxes

It’s hard to have just the right box for every item in your house. Lampshades, for example, can be harder to pack because of their shape.

The best thing you can do is to make sure you collect a varied group of boxes for your move. You want a good mix of big, medium and small boxes to accommodate all of your belongings. If you think you need 10 boxes, plan on collecting closer to 20. You may want to pack your lamps in individual boxes or leave room in the box with your silk or artificial flowers. When you have more boxes than you think you need, you won’t feel pressured to overpack your boxes.

Put blankets and glass together

Nothing is sweeter than curling up on your couch, wrapping a throw blanket around yourself, and turning on your favorite TV show. When you’re moving, those blankets can serve an entirely different – and highly functional – use.

When packing glass – from glass lamps to candles to delicate photo frames – put your breakable items in boxes with blankets along the bottom. You should also wrap these breakables in bubble wrap or newspaper (ask your Maryland moving company if you need more packing supplies), but with the blanket on the bottom, your box will have just a little extra cushion.

Label boxes

When packing your living room, you might want to throw your belongings in boxes and that’s it. They don’t label the box or leave any special instructions. When packing the living room, you need to be as organized as possible. This is the one room where you probably have more breakable items than any other.

Remember to label all the boxes in this room and be especially careful to mark certain boxes as fragile. Your Maryland movers will take extra precaution when handling these boxes, and you’ll have a better chance of these items remaining in one piece throughout the duration of the move.

Pack movies and books in suitcases

If you consider yourself a bookworm or cinofile, then there’s a good chance that you have shelves and shelves of books and movies. One book or movie isn’t heavy, but when you need to move 20 books, the work becomes much harder.

Rather than throwing out your back trying to carry heavy boxes, put all your books and movies in rolling suitcases. You’ll have to move the suitcase anyway, but this puts it to good use. With wheels, you or your Maryland moving company won’t have to worry about physically carrying a heavy box of books. Though you will have to lift the heavy suitcase down the stairs or into a truck, two people – or your Maryland movers – can easily lift the suitcase together.

What questions about packing your living room do you have for us?