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Protecting furniture when you move

Moving boxes is no easy task, but it pales in comparison to moving furniture. From couches to tables to bookshelves, furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and while some pieces can easily be moved, others require a full team to get them from point A to point B. Not only do you have to worry about moving your furniture, but also protecting it during your move. Bulky furniture can be difficult to get through doors and through cramped apartment hallways. All it takes is one drop or miscalculation of space to scratch your kitchen table or put a dent in your desk.

Need help moving furniture? Your favorite Baltimore movers are here to help! Read our guide to protecting your furniture while you’re moving.

Clean your furniture first

You’re moving into a beautiful new home. Why start things off on the wrong foot by having your Baltimore moving company bring in more dust and debris? Before you start covering furniture and taking it apart, give each piece a good clean.

Get in all the nooks and crannies and get rid of the dirt. Vacuum your chairs and couches and wipe down your wooden, metal and plastic surfaces.

Have the right materials

To make your move as simple as possible, you need the right packing materials to make sure your furniture stays safe.

Make sure you have the following:

– Bubble wrap

– Plastic warp

– Packing paper

– Additional boxes in all sizes

– Foam corner protectors.

– Sheets and pillows

– Ropes and bungee cords

Your Balitmore moving company should be able to provide you with supplies. Ask them to help you estimate what you need.

Breakdown as much as possible

It’s pretty hard to split a small couch in two or or take apart an ottoman, but some pieces of furniture can easily be taken apart to make the move easier on you.

Double check each and every item to see if it can be broken down. Take the shelves out of bookshelves and the glass tops out of coffee tables. Take a second look at your bedframe and headboard and look for ways to break them down and carry them separately. Once you take your furniture apart, wrap it carefully. The glass tops of coffee tables should be carefully stored in a large box or at least a sleeve of bubble wrap.

Legs of chairs and tables should be wrapped in paper before being stored in a box. The paper will stop the legs from scratching one another. If you need help, ask your Baltimore movers for assistance.

Pack smartly

Packing is one thing. The drive over is another.

To start, create a box wall along the back of the moving truck. Pack in as many boxes as possible, putting the heaviest ones on the bottom. Don’t put fragile items back there. Next move your square furniture to the box wall to provide stability. Any desks, dressers or end tables you have will fit here. You can store a few light boxes on top of these surfaces. Just make sure they don’t slide.

Now place your mattress on the floor of the truck. If you didn’t wrap your mattress, put a sheet on the floor and lay the mattress on top of it. You can now add chairs and other small pieces of furniture to it. Use the pillows for extra cushioning and the ropes and bungee cords to secure the furniture in place.

If you’re still not sure about moving furniture, contact a Baltimore moving company. With experienced Baltimore movers, you can be sure that all of your belongings will arrive safely and in one piece.