Simple packing tips for a simple move

When it comes to moving, packing may seem like the easiest part, and while that may be true for some, chances are it’s not as easy as you might think. Though you may not think you have a lot of belongings or furniture, you’d be surprised how many of those items don’t fit so neatly into boxes as you’d like.

If you need to pack all of your boxes for your Baltimore movers, follow these simple tips and make packing a snap.


As any Baltimore moving company will tell you, not all boxes are created equal. Some boxes are designed especially for wardrobes, and though you may think a large number of big boxes will take care of the rest, the truth is that not all belongings need big boxes.

Small boxes are great for heavy items and breakables. Once everything is packed, there won’t be much room for your items to move around – especially if you use bubble wrap inside. Larger boxes can be used to hold linens and pillows – lighter objects that won’t make moving the large box impossible.

Wardrobe boxes are especially handy if you’re not moving far and don’t want to pack all of your clothing. They have racks at the top of the box where you can hang your clothes without taking them off the hanger.

Remember, but heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter ones on top. This will stabilize the box when you’re holding it and help you keep a better grip on it.


For those with bookshelves filled with books, moving them all can be painful. Books weigh a lot, and if you have a large collection, then your small boxes of books may be taking up all the room in your Maryland moving company van.

To make moving books a breeze, pack them in rolling suitcases. This allows you to pull them for the majority of the move, rather than bending down and picking up a heavy box of books. This will save your back from injury and minimize the number of times that you have to physically pick up your books.


If your Baltimore movers feel a lot of empty space in a box or they can hear your items shifting, they may feel uncomfortable moving your boxes. They don’t want to upset you by breaking your belongings, so they may ask you to move those boxes instead.

To combat this, make sure all spaces in boxes are filled. Use towels, newspapers or bubble wrap to fill in the spaces. Test them out before you finish packing.


Packing can get confusing if you’re mixing items in different boxes. When packing, create a labeling system so you know which boxes go where in your new home. This will make it easy for your Maryland moving company to make move everything when the big day comes.

To avoid any confusion as you unpack, keep your belongings packed by room. That is, don’t pack bathroom items in with kitchen items and don’t put living room decorations in with your bedsheets. This is an easy way for belongings to get lost in the move, so keep your belongings grouped by room as you pack.

If these tips still feel a little overwhelming, ask your Baltimore moving company if they offer packing services. Most Baltimore movers will pack all of our belongings themselves, and they’ll even provide the packing materials.

Ask your Maryland moving company about packing services today!