Couple trying to find ways to save money when moving

Simple Ways to Save Money When Moving

One of the most thrilling experiences you can take on is relocating, whether moving across town or to another state. Moving is also, without a doubt, one of the most challenging experiences financially and in terms of logistics. And while there are certain moving expenses you cannot avoid, there are several places where you can save some money. Therefore, we asked a few moving professionals to give their top money-saving tips for your upcoming relocation to assist you in doing that. So here are a few simple ways to save money when moving.

Declutter your home

Getting rid of whatever you don’t want to move on will eventually save you time, space, and money, even if it may seem like another task to add to your list of things to do. The hourly cost of the actual movers is one of the significant moving charges. So depending on how much you decrease your belongings, you may save hundreds of dollars. Therefore, make an inventory of everything you own, including furniture, clothing, and kitchenware, and then eliminate everything you don’t need or desire.

In addition, you can make money on the items you’re getting rid of and use that money to pay for your move. For instance, you can list furniture and designer clothing on the internet. Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, host a garage sale. At the same time, arrange a donation pickup or drop-off if you don’t want to deal with selling your items.

Boxes for sorting belongings
Sorting your belongings and removing what you don’t need anymore is a great way to save money when moving.

Cut your expenses on moving supplies

Moving boxes are expensive! Therefore, get free moving boxes from businesses, internet markets, community groups, and friends before packing. Finding free boxes is not only simple, but it’s also a sure method to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on moving costs. In addition, online groups are also a good idea for looking for free moving supplies. However, if you want to search offline, visit your neighborhood liquor shops, big-box retailers, grocers, recycling drop-off locations, and schools. You may always ask friends, relatives, and neighbors if they have any spare moving boxes they no longer need.

Don’t buy too much for your new home

There is a mental trick to relocating on a tight budget. Even though it may be challenging to refrain from spending money, you must restrict your spending. After all, you didn’t declutter and get rid of all that stuff just to replace it with other items. And even if it’s simple to click “Add to Cart” for everything you see on the internet, control your impulse buying, and put the mouse away.

Commit to a spending freeze while you are moving to stay on track. Remember that buying just what you need in your new home is one of the simple ways to save money while moving. Also, wait until you are in your new home before mentally furnishing it. Spending tends to be more impulsive when you start visualizing what you believe you need in each room. Also, think of how you’ll save more money and have less to move on moving day if you make fewer purchases now. In addition, with the money you save, you can try something new when you move. For instance, you can change your lifestyle to a healthier one and use the money you save to go to the gym. Or you can start a new hobby. The options are various and just as exciting.

A shopping cart with money inside.
Don’t spend money on things you might need in your new home.

Get multiple moving quotes

Be careful and get quotations from at least three movers before choosing a moving company. Before offering a price, each company should examine your possessions in person or through video. Remember that the weight of your belongings will affect how much it would cost to transfer them long-distance or out-of-state. Also, to get the most accurate price, let the movers know which goods you will and won’t be moving. Choose a certified, insured, and reputable mover to ensure you have a trustworthy partner by your side.

Contact your utility providers

Avoid paying your rent, electricity, internet, or cable at two different addresses. Match your bills’ start and end dates by contacting your provider and discussing the transfer. Moreover, ask local internet and cable providers for new contracts and possible discounts. In addition, ask utility providers to check your installation and activation fees. Some companies can cover these fees if you show a track record of making on-time payments elsewhere. So if you’ve been a good client for a while at your former home, you can benefit from it.

Plan your meals in advance

Planning your meals and snacks for before, during, and after moving day will help you save money when moving. And even if it could be considered a moving tradition to order takeout during a relocation, planning your meals can be much more efficient. For instance, you must also pack everything in your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator. Therefore, you can use some food from there even if it might be simple to forget. Furthermore, these products can also be weighty sometimes, so getting rid of some will make your move lighter.

At the same time, make a strategy to consume as many fresh, frozen, and dry food supplies as possible in the days and weeks preceding your move. By doing so, you’ll make fewer visits to the grocery store, order fewer takeout meals, and have fewer belongings to pack and transport.

Containers with different foods in them.
Plan your meals for moving day, and you will save a lot of money.

Choose the right moving day

Choosing the perfect moving date is one of the simplest methods to save money when moving. The day and hour of your move can significantly impact the cost of your relocation if you use a professional moving company. Therefore, avoid relocating from May to August, which is the peak moving season. Choose a moving date between September and April that is mid-week and mid-month. Your costs will likely be lower this way, and you will have the opportunity for a quicker move.

Final words

There are many simple ways to save money when moving. For instance, you can significantly decrease your moving expenses by planning meals in advance and reusing moving boxes. Ask for several moving quotes if that isn’t sufficient. By doing this, you can be sure that you’ll find moving professionals who meet your needs and budget.