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The Biggest Mistakes During Long-Distance Moves & How to Avoid Them

You’re ready for your long-distance move. You’ve hired your Maryland movers, set the date and packed everything up. Now you just need to get from point A to point B.

If you’re looking to avoid making the biggest mistake made during long-distance moves, we’ve got a few tips to help you avoid them. Check them out here.

Not Going Over the Route with Your Maryland Movers

You may know how to get to your new home, but your Maryland movers won’t. Even though you’ll all be using GPS systems, it’s nice to go over your preferred route just in case your get separated in traffic.

Don’t forget to exchange cell phone numbers before you take off!

Forgetting Rush Hour

Long-distance moves require a lot of time spent in the car, and if you forget to figure in rush hour, you and your long-distance movers may be sitting for much longer than you thought. Running into rush hour traffic can dramatically push back your arrival time, and if you need to be at your new home by a certain time, rush hour can wreck your plans.

Always plan for rush hour in advance. Research alternate routes that take your around the traffic. If it’s unavoidable, make sure any housing appointments are set late enough in the day to accommodate the traffic.

Ignoring Movers Insurance

No matter what, there’s always room for errors with long-distance moves. If one of your Maryland movers accidentally drops a box and breaks what’s inside, who will pay for that? If you don’t have movers insurance, you’ll have to foot the bill.

Almost all long-distance movers offer some type of movers insurance. Make sure you know their policies before you sign the paperwork.

Not Planning for Children, Pets and Plants

Long-distance moves can be really hard on children and pets. Neither like to sit in the car for very long, and they may feel cramped with all your other belongings in the back seat. House plants often need a certain amount of light and heat. If they’re stuck in the heat of the back seat for a few days, they could wither and die.

Ask for some help from family and friends. A grandparents or friend may be able to take your kids or pets for a few days while you get everything moved in and settled. This will allow you to focus on just the move and not have to worry about bathroom breaks or boredom. When your Maryland movers have everything in, then your pets and children can join you.

If you’re moving your plants across state lines, be sure to check with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Some plants carry insects that can destroy certain plants in your new home state or town. You may have to give up your plants. Donate them to a friend or even retirement home.

Waiting to Clean

Though you may not want to waste any more time at your old house, you still need to clean it before you leave. If you’re leaving an apartment or home with a lease, your landlord may charge you for leaving food in your refrigerator or boxes and other miscellaneous items lying around.

Before your long-distance movers arrive, go through your apartment or house and give it one final clean. This will give you one last chance to make sure you didn’t leave something behind in a closet or cabinet.

Don’t slow your long-distance movers down because you need an extra hour to clean your home. Get it done before they arrive.

Be honest, have you ever made one of these mistakes over a long-distance move? Share with us!