The Dos and Donts of Long-Distance Moving

Few people get excited about long-distance moves. Between stress and time, it’s a more difficult process than moving across town. Nevertheless, it can be done with less stress and more excitement. Need a little guidance?

Here are a few dos and don’ts of long-distance moving.

 Do Notify the Right People

Sure, you should probably let your mother know that you’re moving, but when planning a long-distance move, you also have to make sure a few other people know where you’re going.

For example, contact your utility companies and make sure they know when your address will change and when they should stop giving you service. If the utility bills are still in your name and at your old address before you move, there’s a chance you may end up paying part of someone else’s bill. If you’re leaving an apartment or home, make sure you have a forwarding address. The new owners will be able to send your mail to your new address. This will ensure you don’t miss an important document.

Don’t Wait to Organize

Some people throw their belongings in random boxes and then plan to organize everything when they reach their new home. If you want to wait to organize, don’t. For one thing, it’ll take you longer to unpack if the items in each box go in separate rooms. You might be able to unpack half of a box, but until you set up your new bookshelves, you won’t be able to empty it. This means you’ll have a lot of half-empty boxes lying around your home, which can make the unpacking process seem endless.

When your belongings are unorganized, you run a greater risk of breaking them. Bumpy roads might knock your boxes around, and without padding the items, your candles may arrive in pieces and you’ll be missing a few dishes. Consider a packing service for help.

Do Hire a Reputable Long-Distance Moving Company

While you could try to pack and move your belongings on your own, hiring a reputable long-distance moving company will save you both time and energy. A long-distance moving company will keep your long-distance move going forward. You won’t have to rely on other people to help you move.

All of your belongings will go in one large truck and be ready when you arrive at your new location. You also won’t have to wait for your friends or family members to come help you move in.

Ultimately, a long-distance moving company will make your move much smoother. If you need packing services, your moving company may provide your with boxes and bubble wrap, and some will even pack your belongings for you. Check with your long-distance moving company to see if they offer packing services.

Don’t Forget to Plan for Pets and Cars

If you have a pet, a car or both, then you need to plan on how they will get to your new address. You may chose to drive your car ahead of the moving van to lead your movers to the new address, or you might want a friend or spouse to drive the car.

For pets, it might be a good idea to ask a friend or family member to watch your pet for a few days. Moving can be stressful for a pet, and you want to make the transition as easy as possible for it. Ask a friend to take care of your pet so you can concentrate on moving. When you’re ready, your pet will be excited to join you.

Long-distance moving can be stressful, but if you start planning ahead of time and arrange for packing services and movers, you’ll see the moving process go much smoother. Are you planning a long-distance move? Tell us about it!